The Graduate Degree Program is in operation since 1997, first as Master of the Department of Biology, University / University of Athens since 1998 as the Interdepartmental between the Department of Biology and School of Medicine,  University of Athens in its early funding after evaluation of the OP I and II since 2004 without fees continue to finance itself from the regular budget of the Ministry of Education. The JIC is two years and admitted after selection, graduates of Biology, Medicine and related sciences and TEI graduates in line with the corresponding function Gazette

It aims to provide knowledge and skills that graduates be absorbed in the healthcare or to continue for a doctorate. The training includes a course as described in detail in the Study Guide and drafting diploma-thesis. More details are contained in the relevant Rules. Also during the operation of this Master's program takes place live courses via the Internet and digital recording. The resulting material is given in the form of CD to graduate students and is also available on our website for anyone interested. The recorded Diploma theses are also a
special website. The MSc program is under continuous evaluation and improvement to a recent change of course "Molecular Biology - in silico approximations" and introducing a new course "Radiation and Health"
The selection of candidates takes place every year under the contract after submitting the application and required documentation.


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