Multimedia lab Profile

We are members of the Dept of Cell Biology and Biophysics in the Faculty of Biology at the University of Athens and have created the "multimedia and e-learning laboratory". Our interests for the last 10 years on every aspect of multimedia applications, allowed us to develop Microsoft-based media servers and encoders in order to broadcast live and on demand several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Biology.



Distant learning is a key aspect of modern educational approaches. For the last ten years we have successfully implemented such activities broadcasting and making available "ON DEMAND" many courses given by Professors of the Dept. of Cell Biology and Biophysics of the Dept. of Biology in the University of Athens. For these purposes we maintain three web servers and five multimedia servers using Microsoft's Windows 2003 enterprise platform. Thus we hope to provide the academic community, mainly the students, with up to date information on subjects related to the Biological and Biomedical Sciences.


Our second mission is to provide the social and academic community with state of the art information regarding the biological effects of man-made electromagnetic radiation that is widespread in modern times, including; mobile phone technology, wireless DECT, microwave oven, baby monitor, wi-fi.


Electromagnetic Biology Lab Profile

Starting on 1972, L.H. Margaritis was studying the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the structure and function of amphibian and mammalian cornea. Our current research extends to the effects of mobile phone and other forms of electromagnetic radiation on experimental animals (flies and mice) and cell cultures as described in the web page of our Electromagnetic Biology Laboratory. At the same time we are testing the electromagnetic field intensity in the vicinity of mast antennas especially inside houses and schools. Our final goal is to inform the public about the real dangers from the "electromagnetic pollution" contrary to the "safety levels" suggested by the World Health Organization and adopted by many, but not all, countries.

for best results with video streaming, please use the latest version of
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