SCOPE: The scope of this research is the characterization of peroxidases sharing common structural/functional properties in the insect egg-shell and in plants.

HISTORY: The existence of an eggshell peroxidase (ESP) was revealed by L.H. Margaritis and associates on 1980 on the chorion of the dipteran Drosophila melanogaster. The enzyme has been shown to participate in the chorion protein cross linking via the formation of di-tyrosine and tri-tyrosine bonds during the last stages of oogenesis (see publication list) in a process where the chorion proteins are serving as substrate and hydrogen peroxide as co-substrate. Our so far research has shown that similar enzymes and functions occur in various insect families (within Diptera) and orders.

CURRENT RESEARCH: Our efforts are recently focused on the identification of the gene(s) encoding for the peroxidase protein(s) in Drosophila and other insects, whereas at the same time we are searching for similar enzymes in plants. (see recent presentations)

For the last 5 years we are members of a large European TMR-NETWORK dealing with "Peroxidases in Agriculture, the Environment and Industry"



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